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Breaking Equality Barriers for Women in Sri Lanka

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s crucial to reflect on the journey towards equality for women in Sri Lanka. Despite comprising 51% of the population, women still face significant barriers to full participation in society.

In governance, women’s representation remains disproportionately low, with only 5% of parliamentary seats occupied by women. Similarly, while more girls enroll in universities than boys, a gender gap persists in employment, with 10% more unemployed females than males.

Additionally, women are underrepresented in leadership roles within entrepreneurial ventures, with only 8.8% holding top-level management positions.

To overcome these obstacles, fostering collaborations and partnerships with governmental and educational institutions is essential. By working together, we can dismantle barriers, promote inclusivity, and create a more equitable society where every woman has the opportunity to thrive.

Near is clear we still have a long way to go, but how are we going to get there? It starts with continued advocacy, policy reform, and empowering women at all levels. Education and awareness are key, as is challenging societal norms and stereotypes. By fostering a culture of equality and inclusivity, we can pave the way for a brighter future for women in Sri Lanka.

Let’s celebrate our achievements and recommit to driving positive change. Together, we can make strides towards a more inclusive and equitable Sri Lanka.

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