It was a rainy Friday evening when our two group entourage left our Portsmouth and London homes to make the long journey up to the Lake District to climb Scafell Pike. It was an extremely daunting prospect to be scaling England’s highest peak after a 7 hour drive and little sleep but nevertheless everyone was excited for the challenge. We rocked up at our Lakeside home in the early hours of the morning with only 5 hours of sleep before having to wake up for the climb.

We woke to the smell of a full English breakfast which had been very generously cooked by Dinesh and Andie, the early risers. At about 10am we made our way to the Pike ready for the climb.

For the first few hours most of us were thinking that this challenge was grossly over exaggerated. The terrain was hilly at best and the paths were wide. About two hours in though the cramps began to set in and hilly terrain gave way to narrow, rocky outcrops which were both steep and grainy, making it very hard to get a foothold in the damp conditions.

​Nevertheless we persisted, stopping occasionally for a sugar break, a drop of water or to admire the frankly breathtaking views. At around 1600 we managed to reach the summit and there was a palpable sense of relief as our weary bones were allowed a brief respite. Going up was only half the battle and there was another two and a half hours of decent over some very slippery terrain.

Finally at around 1830 a very weary team arrived at the pub for a celebratory drink.

To cap off a brilliant day, Erika Wilson won the award for the volunteer who had had raised the most, whereas Dimi got the wooden spoon for fundraising. Overall a challenging but rewarding fundraiser