We at Teach Sri Lanka firmly believe that those who have benefited from a high-quality education are best placed to appreciate the life changing benefits it can afford to children. We are dedicated to building a platform for providing underprivileged Sri Lankan children with a top-quality education and educational facilities. If you are looking to get involved, you can do so in three ways:

  • Donations
  • Sponsor a Child Initiative
  • Student Representative Program
  • Donations

This is the simplest approach and involves no financial commitment on the donor. The donor can donate as and when they are able to. These donations will be channelled towards educational projects and initiatives. To make a donation please visit the Donate page. For further details on the type of projects your donations will help fund please visit the Projects page.

Sponsor a Child Initiative

This program is for those who want to make a continuous impact to the lives of the children by sponsoring one. This involves a commitment of £5.00 per month and in return the donors will get regular updates from the children they sponsor. To find out more visit the Donate page.

The Student Representative Program (SRP)

Teach Sri Lanka are looking to partner with students from various university societies. It will afford students the opportunity to act as intermediaries for Teach and they will help in creating collaborative fund-raising activities. Teach Sri Lanka will recognise the efforts of these student by providing them with an official certificate recognising their volunteering excellence as well as a reference if required.

Contact to get involved.




Tel: (+44)7599283061 or (+44)7414602888