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Garden Centre Project, Sithumine

At Sithumine Pre-School, we recognised a pressing issue affecting all children – the lack of regular daily meals. Malnourishment among our students was not only leading to health complications, but also hindering their educational outcomes.

We were able to initiate the school garden centre project. This initiative was set out to not only teach our students valuable agricultural skills but also provide sustainable solutions to their nutritional needs. By learning how to grow their own crops, our students have gained practical knowledge while ensuring a steady supply of nutritious food to combat malnourishment.

Whiteboard Project, Wattalla

We’ve implemented a smart board system at Arun Manickavasagam Hindu College in Wattala, marking a notable advancement in the school’s resources, especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This initiative aims to inspire students to remain engaged in their education, serving as a tool to enhance their learning experience and expand their opportunities for growth and development.


The Porridge Hut Project, Hatton

We have partnered up with Lanka Vision Action Foundation to provide a nourishing meal to 100+ tea plantation workers and their families in Hatton over the course of the next 4 months.

Working in the plantation fields for 12 hours straight, the workers are constantly getting sunburns, getting bitten by leeches, and children are walking for miles to school on an empty stomach. This affects a great amount of human  productivity and causes malnutrition-related health conditions.

Our vision is to help empower this community and aid the children’s education. 

Pasara Food Relief, Badulla

For 5 consecutive Sundays we provided food relief to 140 school children at St Jude’s Church in Pasara, Badulla.

Due to the pandemic, unemployment, and the increased cost of living, families struggle to provide nourishing meals for their children. Consequently, in some cases this results in children fainting. By providing the children with a nourishing meal we hope to increase energy levels and keep nurturing their skills and talents

Walpaluwa School, Anamaduwa

We are delighted to announce, that our second clean water project is now complete and 200 students at the Walpaluwa School in Anamaduwa now have access to clean drinking water! 


Kothalikemiyawa Kanishka Vidyala School

We are pleased to announce the completion of our first water project at the Kothalikemiyawa Senior school in Anamaduwa. Students at this school were suffering from sickness, kidney problems and other health issues as a result of the high calcium levels in the drinking water. Consequently, this led to an increase in school absence due to student illness.

Thanks to our wonderful donors and volunteers, 75 students now have access to clean drinking water. The students will now be able to stay hydrated at school without having to drink contaminated water, and develop long-term health complications. In addition to this, having access to clean drinking water will increase attendance giving the students a chance at gaining a solid education.    


Naripulthottam School

We are delighted to officially announce that we will be taking care of the running of Naripulthottam preschool in Batticaloa, which provides free education to 35+ children between the ages of 4-6.  We will be working in partnership with Ocean Stars Trust (OST). OST are a UK based charity, which primarily focuses on the development of preschool education programme for children in Sri Lanka.

They currently manage over 20 schools across the country and provide education for 760 children.

Like us, they are firm believers that education empowers children and their families and can enable them to build a way out of poverty.

For more information, please visit their website: https://oceanstars.org.uk/home


The Kosala Dullewa Foundation (KDF) Project

KDF was setup to support the underprivileged children with special needs to become independent and useful citizens who would be able to contribute positively towards society. Based in Ratmalana, the school educates children across all subjects with a strong focus in the arts such as artistry and dancing; one of the students has even managed to get a full time job as a professional dancer and has performed for events in Sri Lanka and the US.

While there are publicly funded initiatives to address down syndrome, the awareness of this issue is still very much lacking and the KDF initiatives strives to bridge this gap. KDF also prides itself in being one of the , if not the only, special needs school that is free at the point of access.

Teach Sri Lanka are extremely pleased to have supported this worthy cause.


Badulla Aid Relief

In light of the tragic events that have taken place with the Badulla landslide Teach Sri Lanka has made every effort to help restore the livelihoods of all those who were affected. On this occasion we had the pleasure of collaborating with the Asia Broadcasting Corporation and were able to provide a wide range of school resources.

Village of Hope

The Village of Hope was the largest project undertaken by the Pattakannu Foundation which has provided an array of amenities from a small hospital to a nursery for the orphaned children affected by the Tsunami and the war, looked after by widowed mothers who were trained.

Currently 10 large houses, a large administration unit, a canteen, a co-operative store, a fully large equipped hall, two vocational centers are to be implemented soon. All the children are sent to school gaining access to the computer lab while being sheltered in fully furnished houses with the security of a home and the love of a mother.

The Village of Hope has been hailed as one of the best post Tsunami projects in the Batticaloa district.


Hill Country Development Centre (HCDC)

An educational centre set up by the Pattakanu Foundation to teach English Nursery, Computer Science, Sewing and English for O/L and A/L students. The sole mission of the HCDC is to uplift the living, educational and health standards for students by building or renovating existing unusable toilets, setting up play areas etc. Primarily targeting  children in the neglected areas of the plantation sector. In addition, the Hill Country Development Centre conducts regular eye tests in the estate sector giving away free spectacles.

Smile Sri-Lanka

The ‘Oral health promotion initiative- Smile Sri Lanka 2012’ was organised by a member of the Teach Sri Lanka foundation, currently a second year dental student from the University of Leeds.

Six under privileged schools were carefully selected to benefit from this worthy cause with the help of ‘The Pattakannu Foundation’. School children between the ages of 6 to 10 years old were given dietary advice and oral health hygiene instructions to maintain good oral health.

At the end of each session dental aids and a goody bag containing stationary were given as a token of participation. The student received a letter of appreciation from the programme managers of the Leeds Dental Institute for her initiative, time and effort.

The student mentioned that it has been a very fruitful experience and feels it would boost her curriculum vitae. The student further mentioned that she is going to be organising the campaign in the year 2013 and the pharmaceutical giant Glaxo SmithKline, has agreed to sponsor it.

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