Dinesh Rajendran


From humble beginnings to managing large scale projects in the UK. Dinesh has first hand experience of the transformative potential of solid grounding. He co-founded teach first in order to be able to provide this opportunity to other children.

Dimithri Gunasinghe


Dimithri and Dinesh were co-horts at the same school. Dimithri financial background and experience in the private equity and startup space has ensured that Teach Sri Lanka first has the maximum impact at the minimal cost to our donors.

Mahesh Santiapillai

Compliance and Regulation lead

With a background in Compliance and Regulation in the financial services sector Mahesh has always had a passion for volunteering and co-founded the volunteer society in the University of Surrey. He looks forward to bringing his expertise to Teach Sri Lanka and enabling the not for profit to flourish.

Andreanna Poulaki

Public Relations and Communication Lead

Andreanna is a teacher by profession and has over 10 years of experience . Her passion and drive to give back to society lead her to Kenya where she volunteered to teach underprivileged children.¬† Her creativity coupled with her aspiration to help the unfortunate makes her a great¬†volunteer to represent Teach Sri Lankas’ beliefs and values, and create awareness for our cause.




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